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At Mic-Up-VO, I am committed to excellence and have an unparalleled desire to witness my actors succeed. With a comfortable and supportive work environment, I provide a no-BS approach that encompasses all acting methods and I give my students practical tools needed for auditions and studio work.


My focus is on empowering actors to make the strong choices necessary to secure and excel in their desired roles. Additionally, I encourage each actor to find their unique voice and bring their own personality to their reads.

I keep my classes affordable like a gym membership because I know consistency is the only way to see real growth. Acting is a muscle you must work out regularly to stay strong. 

Let me equip you with the tools to enter any audition with the confidence to book that sought-after job!

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What we cover in class, best said by a few of my students...

Jenna says,

I’ve had the pleasure of studying with Angela since June of 2023, and can’t endorse her classes enough! Having taken a variety of formal acting classes and workshops over the years, I can confidently say that Angela’s teaching style offers a beautiful blend of different techniques and schools of acting to expand your actor’s toolkit. You’ll learn from watching your peers, while also receiving lots of individual attention catered to your skill level, including tips on script analysis, character creation, scene building, storytelling, and delivering authentic performances that will positively differentiate you as an actor. So, if you’re already working, or just starting out, Angela’s class will absolutely help you to level up those reads!

 Allison says,


Each class is a deep-dive into characterization, authenticity and imagination. Every student gets a solid block of time to explore the character or commercial script they've chosen in advance, and often there is time for everyone to have a second turn at reading as well. Angela focuses on not only the voice and sound of the character, but teaches you how to dig deeper into the who, what, where and why of the dialogue to create a character that is believable and connects with the listener. Using various acting techniques she's picked up from her own training, she personally guides each student through their dialogue, encouraging them to break through their barriers and explore emotions that allow them to reach their full potential. 


All Classes are Ongoing. Priority is given to current students and certain class dates may have a waitlist due to limited availability.
Sign up or get on the Waitlist Now.

If you happen to be available for more than one class day, please let me know so I can attempt to accommodate as many requests as possible, since last month sold out so quickly. 

Class Info/ Policies

You will be provided scripts to pick from or you may bring your own scripts or auditions to class.

All classes will be recorded and may be used for marketing and sales purposes. Please indicate to Angela if you would like to be excluded from such recordings.  She will never post anything if it is too personal or if you bring an audition to class as to comply with NDAs and best practices for working professionals. She wants class to it to be a safe space for her students and will post only to highlight a student's growth. 


If you have to miss a class day you signed up for, you may make up the class on a different day in the same month,  if and only if a class is being held on the desired makeup day. You must confirm with Angela that a class will be held on your desired makeup day. 


If you can not make up a class day in the same month, you can only make it up in the next month, if you have also signed up for classes in the following month.  For example: If you miss one class day in September and you can not make it up with one of the September class dates, you can take 4 classes in October (3 classes paid for plus one makeup from September.) You can not make up class days from the previous month if you have not signed up for the current month. 

Most other classes and workshops do not offer makeup days at all.  Angela's makeup policy is more than accommodating.  Please email if you have any other questions. 

There are no refunds.

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