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Not your big box voiceover school. I am like your football coach.  Your wins, just like on the field, are mine too! So I make it my mission to help you bring out your best, plus discover a side of you that didn’t know existed.  Cause I want us to win baby! My clients come to me for straight talk, no chaser, to see significant growth in their work. 

Photo of voice acting superstar, Angela Malhotra behind the micophone.

We will work on what you need to most.

  • Do you have a demo session date you need to prepare for?

  • Do you want feedback on your current demo?

  • Have an audition you want direction on?

  • Have a past audition you want my thoughts on?

  • I have many scripts from you to choose from or you can bring what you want to work on. 

  • We will talk about where you are in your career and where you want to be. 

  • I analyze your strengths and weaknesses. And we enhance your craft.

  • I coach beginners and those who have been on shows already.  Whatever stage you are at I make it my mission to see you grow. 

Voiceover animation Coaching.

Option A

  • $110 for 1 hour session [$90 for anyone who has taken a class in the past 3 months]

Pricing & Info

Acting is a muscle, you have to workout to get stronger.

Option B

  • 5 (1 hour sessions for $425.  ONLY $85 per session). [$390 for anyone who has taken a class in the past 3 months. ]

  • Most people pick this option as these 5 sessions can be used at anytime. And is the most cost effective.   

  • Some of my students come to me once a week and treat it like an ongoing class.  This is the best way to see the most improvement and keep your skills sharp!

  • Some may need to use two sessions in one day if they have something big they need to prepare for.

  • Veteran actors might use them less frequently.

  • Priority scheduling if  you get a last minute audition you want to work with me on. Message me and I will always do my best to fit you in. 

  • No rescheduling penalty.  We are all actors, so I'm always flexible with my students as we never know when auditions and bookings may arise.

  • Package purchase non-refundable since sessions can be used at anytime.

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