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Workshops and Classes for Voice Actors
who want to level up their skills. 


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As a VO Artist, I have been recurring on Nickelodeon’s "The Loud House", as well as Netflix’s "Pinky Malinky", and get called in regularly by these channels. I have also voiced Video Games like "Destruction All-Stars" for PS5.


Most people think in animation, you only need an interesting or funny voice, when in fact you must develop a character before you can even begin to think about vocal delivery. With only our voices and imaginations, we voice actors must deliver not just an entertaining voice, but the personalities behind them. It’s still Acting first! So I use my skills to teach you how to bring your unique flavor and build a character for each role.

Join Us

Join Us

On-Going Animation Class

Mondays 7pm - 9:30pm PST or Tuesdays 4-6:30 PST  

10 Student Max

Have Fun Honing Your Animation and Video Game VO Skills with Angela Malhotra

If you were a fan of her Clubhouse Workouts this is the place for you.  


Private Coaching Animation 

The fastest way to sky rocket your voice acting skills! Work with Angela Malhotra 1:1




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